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Do not overdo things. Tan sensibly. This is the most important rule, which means that you should sunbathe no more than once a day.


As a rule of thumb you need to sunbathe up to a maximum of 10 times over a period of two to three weeks to get a tan. After this, the tan will be retained if you use a tanning bed once or twice a week.


Depending on skin type, people react differently to sunlight. When tanning in natural sunlight and on tanning beds, it is important to know your own particular skin type. Skin types around the world have been classified into six different groups. 

Skin type I: pale white skin, blue or green eyes, red hair, many freckles, always burns and never tans. 

Skin type II: beige skin, blue or grey eyes, blonde or light brown hair, some freckles, strong sunburn tendency, but sometimes tans. 

Skin type III: light brown skin, brown eyes and hair, sometimes burns but always tans. 

Skin type IV: light brown or olive skin, dark brown eyes and hair, sometimes burns and tans readily. 

Skin type V: brown skin, dark brown hair and eyes, rarely burns and tans easily. 

Skin type VI: black skin, black brown eyes and hair, rarely sunburns.


Keep your eyes close while tanning and always wear protective eyewear that block out UV light. Contact lenses should be removed prior to tanning.


Before tanning, carefully remove all cosmetics from your skin and take off all jewelry. Do not use any sunscreen lotions during tanning, as these can detract from the tanning effect.


If you are taking medication or suffer from a skin disorder, please be aware that certain medicines may be photosensitive. That is, they may cause an adverse reaction when the body is exposed to UV light. A list, which identifies many photosensitive medications, foods, and ingredients, should be on display in your salon. Always consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns.


Your skin needs care before and after tanning. Use skin care products to keep an attractive tan looking good for a longer period of time. Solar cosmetics are particularly suitable for this type of skin care because they contain a special combination of ingredients that are tailored to the specific needs of tanned skin. Ask your salon for details.


Proper salon hygiene is of paramount importance to your health. The acrylic area must be cleaned with a special disinfectant before each tanning session. Our beds are ALWAYS cleaned after every use.

We Care About You!
For your protection a maximum of 1 session per 24 hours is allowed.
Appropriate eyewear must be worn.  Exposure per manufacturer's recommendations.
Prices subject to change without notice.

Sunless Tanning is the perfect compliment to your natural look.

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